Mad Man Saved

Gregory is one of my most favorite gentlemen in the whole world (other than my husband). He’s also a fantastic knitter, chef, author and super blogger!!

Mad Man Knitting

Ok, I’ve struggled to write this blog for the better part of the day. But, I was so overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude I couldn’t think of what to say, nor how to say it. I just wanted to hug everyone and hold them.

See? Even now I’m getting emotional. Watery eyed, its hard to write a blog post. But, that’s good! I mean, that has to be one of the best reasons for not being able write something. Sounds poetically pathetic. “I could not see to write for the tears in my eyes….”

Yesterday I ran around paying rent, paying the utilities (which were already one month behind), paying the internet (definitely can’t lose that), grabbed some groceries, ran back here and worked on four bears that needed to go out ASAP and started refunding money to people who have not been happy with me.

And today? I slept…

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New Compost Bins from Shipping Pallets

I’m all about recycling as much stuff as we possibly can and I’m an avid composter as well! This pallet idea is perfect and functional!! Best of all: FREE!

At Home And At Sea

After coming home from a trip to witness no less than 30 seagulls feasting on our out-of-control compost pile, some fist shaking ensued and then some head scratching.  How could we compost the many and weekly 5 gallon buckets of vegetables scraps that come off the Riggin all summer long and have the compost meal du jour, enticing as it is, be less attractive or available to our critters?  The result were these shipping pallets — free from the local dump.  We started out nailing them together and then found that it was far easier to use polypropylene line to marry the unmatched ends together.  They’ll be topped with a sheet of luan plywood and all of a sudden, the seagull restaurant is closed! New Compost Bins 1New Compost Bins 2Annie
Happy in my tidier yard

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