Yes, I do make custom dryer balls!

While I’m not really into painting with wool, I do make custom design dryer balls for those who ask. I shipped out an order for custom designed dryer balls this past Wednesday. I love how they turned out. There are 4 to 5 hearts on each ball.

yellowheart2  purpleheart3 purpleheart2 purpleheart1 pinkheart1  orangeheart1 greenheart2 greenheart1 blueheart2 blueheart1 All of the heart balls

I enjoy making them and I never want to ship any of them because I love how they all look. I think a decorator bowl, full of dryer balls, would look really awesome on your coffee table. I would put a bowl full on mine, but I don’t have one.

Get some fiber to play with. You’ll love it.

My Etsy shop!


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