Blogging, fiber art and dryer balls.

I’m a fiber artist. I love everything there is to love about wool, silk, cotton, shiengora, llama, camel hair, alpaca, etc. I love washing and carding it, but I especially love spinning it and weaving with the resulting yarn!

dryer balls in processpart of my work area

Lately, I’ve been mass creating dryer balls. Nothing fancy. Just simple little dryer balls that bounce around the inside of your dryer to help bounce the clothes into the softness that we require. I still hang a lot of my laundry, but I like my towels to have some degree of softness when I use them and that’s where dryer balls definitely help. They also reduce drying time when they’re made of wool. The wool absorbs more moisture while the clothes are drying.

special order dryer balls purples and pinks dryer balls bright colors  blacks, browns, golds and yellows

A lot of people believe that dryer balls are required to be ginormous in order to work well. This isn’t true. It’s not about the surface area of the ball. It’s about the amount of bounce the ball has in it so that they’re propelled around the dryer more. I’ve made several different sizes and several different weights. I’ll say it again, “It’s the amount of bounce in the ball that softens the clothes!”

varied dryer balls Gold & brown balls; black with gold balls

My beautiful picture My beautiful picture

That said, you can view my dryer balls on my facebook page and my Etsy shop!!

Leigh D.




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